Rent strike now!

We are joining forces and demand together: rent waiver for the next three months or until the Corona crisis is over!

Due to the Corona crisis thousands of people have lost their jobs or have to go on short time work and face a financially uncertain future. The short-time work is paid by the Federal Government, i.e. by our taxes. We receive tax money to continue shopping, but also to pay our rents. This instrument serves to secure profits in the real estate industry. [1]

This crisis shall not be carried out on the backs of tenants. During this time, we expect solidarity from those who can afford it, i.e. the banks, the homeowners and the real estate companies. In order to cushion the existential threat to the workers, we demand that the landlords renounce a part of their profits and waive the rent for apartments and commercial premises for at least three months (or as long as the crisis lasts).[2]

What can you do?

If you are affected yourself [3]: send this anonymous letter to your homeowners asking them for a rent waiver. If you want to show solidarity with those directly affected: Write to one of the largest property owners in Switzerland listed below.

This letter gives the owners the opportunity to react on their own initiative. It also contains the threat of a rent strike if this legitimate demand is not met.

Share this call with your networks and talk about it. Let us build up the pressure that is needed now together!

We can fight back!

Some of the largest real estate owners in Switzerland:

  • ASGA: immo@asga.ch
  • Credit Suisse REF Siat: info.realestate@credit-suisse.com
  • Helvetia Insurance: immo.zuerich@helvetia.ch
  • Migros-Pensionskasse: infobox@mpk.ch
  • Mobimo: info@mobimo.ch
  • PSP Swiss Property: info@psp.info
  • SBB Immobilien: im-kommunikation@sbb.ch
  • Swiss Life „Asset Management“: info-ch@swisslife-am.com
  • Swiss Prime Site: info@sps.swiss
  • Swiss Re: investor_relations@swissre.com
  • UBS Property Fund Sima: ubs-am-wholesale-switzerland@ubs.com
  • Zurich Versicherung: contact@zurich.ch

[1] As the Raiffeisen Bank has established in a study, rents in Switzerland generate more returns than the tenancy law would allow. The Raiffeisen Investment Office shows that in 2017 rents in Switzerland are on average up to 40% higher than the reference interest rate.


[2]On 27/03/2020 the Federal Government extended the grace period for late payment of rent payments up to 90 days. However, this postponement merely shifts the pressure on tenants into an uncertain future. The loss of wages due to the coronavirus is exacerbating the housing crisis and the gap between rich and poor. The appeal to stay at home is cynical as long as the right to housing is not a fundamental human right!

[3] 62% of the people living in Switzerland have to rent their apartments. We therefore demand solidarity and social responsibility from those who benefit from the high rents: the real estate companies, the homeowners and the banks.