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Dear real estate owners

As a result of the Corona crisis, thousands of people have lost their jobs or have to work short time and face a financially uncertain future. During this time we have great difficulty paying our bills. One of the biggest burdens is paying our rents. Be it rent for our apartments or for our places of work.

At present, people all over Switzerland are showing solidarity. We would also like to see solidarity from you. We ask you to waive the rents for the next 3 months. Go to your tenants, reply by e-mail or confirm publicly that you want to waive the rent. If you do not want to comply with our requests, we will be forced to go on strike and collectively refuse to pay the rent for the next few months. We thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards

Your tenants

P.S. This is a nationally coordinated action. You can reply to your tenants via this e-mail address, the feedback will be forwarded. However, for the protection of the tenants, the message was sent anonymously. You can find information about the campaign here: www.mietstreik.ch

Fill out this form and send it to your homeowner, real estate company or administration. You will stay anonymous and can still help to build up pressure.

Some of the biggest property owners in Switzerland:

  • ASGA: immo@asga.ch
  • Credit Suisse REF Siat: info.realestate@credit-suisse.com
  • Helvetia Insurance: immo.zuerich@helvetia.ch
  • Migros-Pensionskasse: infobox@mpk.ch
  • Mobimo: info@mobimo.ch
  • PSP Swiss Property: info@psp.info
  • SBB Immobilien: im-kommunikation@sbb.ch
  • Swiss Life „Asset Management“: info-ch@swisslife-am.com
  • Swiss Prime Site: info@sps.swiss
  • Swiss Re: investor_relations@swissre.com
  • UBS Property Fund Sima: ubs-am-wholesale-switzerland@ubs.com
  • Zurich Versicherung: contact@zurich.ch